About Us

Deb Vloedman, M.Ed., is a teacher and specialist in Robotics education, thinking skills and curriculum development. She has been an elementary school classroom teacher, gifted support teacher, curriculum supervisor, science textbook writer for Silver, Burdett, and Ginn, and educational consultant for Creative Publications. Over 30 years of her career has been spent inspiring students with fun and engaging lessons.

In 2012 she was asked to develop an extracurricular robotics club for Ithan Elementary School in Radnor Township, PA. This program became wildly popular with parents and students. Deb developed a unique way to teach Robotics and coding to children that is fun and educational. She launched Rad Robots as a way to bring Robotics, Computational Thinking skills and enriching after school classes to more children in the Philadelphia area.  Rad Robots now rents complete robotics kits to camps and programs that want to bring robotics to their students in an easy and economical way.


Deb Vloedman, Rad Robots founder

Our Philosophy

Why Robotics?

Mark Cuban, billionaire investor/businessman predicts that “The robots are coming”. “We are about to go into a period of artificial intelligence, machine learning, deep learning, those things where we literally are going to see a change in the nature of employment”. “I am telling you, the world’s first trillionaires are going to come from somebody who masters AI (Artificial Intelligence).” (CNN, March 2017)

Most parents and educators agree that more S.T.E.M. (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) should be taught to our children. But do you know why? Because it develops Computational Thinking skills, a key cognitive ability in our technological world. Computational Thinking is a way of designing systems, solving problems, troubleshooting issues and predicting results that draw on concepts fundamental to computer science. This kind of attitude and skill set is fast becoming indispensable for everyone in today’s technical world and will be a key to our children’s future success. Rad Robots classes are specially designed to develop Computational Thinking skills in children while engaging them with fun robotic challenges.

Rad Robots is committed to teaching children this type of thinking through the most up to date technology. Students are presented with fun, themed, open-ended problems and are encouraged to use Computational Thinking to develop solutions. Robotics Education is our ONLY focus so we can always stay on the cutting edge.
After all, if you want a robot to perform in a certain way (complete a maze, win a battle, or score a point), precision is a must. Coding must be precise, design elements must be precise and the feedback the robot receives from its sensors and environment must be precise. Learning robotics through themed competitions and fun activities is natural motivation for children to think, refine their process and succeed!