Rad Robots Offers Classes in your School

The robot revolution is here!
Make sure your child is prepared.


Our Model

Robotics Education is our only business.

Our robots are next generation robots, using new technology invented in 2016 and 2017!  We stay current with the newest and best educational robots and use them in Rad Robot classes with our own curriculum.  We have relationships with Robot designers from around the world.

We do NOT use toy robots.

We teach students to program robots to perform tasks using input sensors (infrared, light, sound, etc.), differential drives, L.E.D, and more!  We hire experienced, professional teachers with advanced degrees who are enthusiastic about Robotics!​


"Looking forward to next year’s program! Thank you again for creating such a fun and important program for boys AND GIRLS!!!!"


"Honestly, there isn't a session Willy hasn't been thrilled with. He comes home after every class raving about his experience. Whatever you are doing in there, it is right up his alley. I will definitely sign him up again! Thank you sooo much!"
- Melissa

"Gracie always says she has a fun time! I really appreciate and admire your creativity and patience in all your lessons. I am grateful that Gracie has been able to participate in the program. I hope it's offered again next year"  🙂