Before or After School Robotics Club

Bring more STEM to your school by hosting an after school Rad Robots club!  We work with teachers, administrators, PTOs,  and other parent groups to make it easy to provide a great club for students.  We even handle all the registrations and payments from our website.  All robots, materials, lesson plans, teacher training and support are provided.  We prefer to use teachers already in the host school and pay them the union-negotiated rate or higher.  Host school provides a room with a table or floor area and 8-12 students.  THERE IS NO COST TO THE SCHOOL!


  • Classes are 1 hour per week.  Tuition is $75 per student per 4-week session.
  • Our curriculum is written by Deb Vloedman, M.Ed. and a team of educators to teach students Computational Thinking, Robotics, and Coding. There are 4 lessons in each thematic unit, and 4 units available per grade level.
  • The curriculum is spiraling and activity-based for boys and girls in grades Pre-K to 5.
  • Students learn robotics and computer science concepts as they complete a different robot challenge or game every week.
  • We provide thousands of dollars worth of robots, curriculum, and materials to your school.
  • We teach students to program robots to perform tasks using input sensors (infrared, light, sound, etc.), differential drives, L.E.D, and more!

Sample Curriculum

RAD THE ROBOT (grade K-1)

This 16 week activity-based class teaches robotics, programming, and pre-coding concepts to primary aged children (K – 1).  Every week the teacher reads a Rad the Robot© adventure story to students that introduces new concepts.  Cooperative pairs of students follow up the story with a hands-on exploration of a challenge presented in the book. Students first recreate the solution in the story and then move on to design their own solution.  The teacher gathers the class together in a Tech Circle at the end of class to discuss findings and reinforce concepts.  Students are rewarded each week with a collectable sticker that depicts the new concept and vocabulary.  Robot/student ratio is 1:2.

Rad the Robot© 1:  Children meet Rad the Robot© and follow his adventures as they learn about robots, motors, algorithms and how to debug algorithms.

Rad the Robot© 2:  Rad the Robot© continues his adventures with a trip to school and to the zoo where students learn about programming modes and sequence.

Rad the Robot© 3:  Rad’s adventures have him imagining he is a superhero, attending a party, and even finding a cliff!  Students learn about Artificial Intelligence and tangible programming to control Rad’s sensors.

Rad the Robot© 4:  Rad has fun on the playground and at the art museum.  This unit teaches students how to program multiple loops and how to program Rad in Binary Code!

ROBOTICS (grade 2-3)

Designed to teach robotics, programming and coding concepts within fun-themed, STEM units that engage both boys AND girls with multiple kinds of robots.  A new challenge is presented each week and students spend most of the class engaged in creating hands-on solutions.  Students gain new knowledge from teacher Tech Talks, and use Computational Thinking skills to complete activities.  EACH student gets their own robot to program in most lessons.  The remaining lessons have a 1:2 robot/student ratio.

Line Following and Switches  Children get experience with barcode programming while learning about robotic sensors and inputs.  Lessons include “Lion Tamer”, “Crazy Bugs”, “A Day at the Zoo” and “Firefly Races”.

Coding, Sequence and Loops  Children learn graphic coding while experimenting with various parameters to win a game.  Lessons include “Flashlight Games”, “Mini-Golf”, “Game of Chicken”, and “Robot Dances”.

Intro to Microbots  Children are introduced to a robot that is smaller than a chicken nugget, but has color-coding capability, artificial intelligence and new kinds of sensors to explore.  4 weeks.  Lessons include “Robot Riddle”, “Line Challenge”, “Line Up and “Boomerang”.

Microbot Coding  Students take coding to the next level as they learn new graphic coding skills to complete fun activities.  Lessons include “Loopy Robot”, “Robot Boogie”, “Pot of Gold”, and “Magic 8-Ball”.

Robot Control  Learn to control robotic behavior and complex sensors.  Lessons include “Fun House”, “Bumper Cars”, “Robot Artists”, and “Spin Art”.

Adventures in Coding  Learn about “IF” commands, IR navigation, and piezo transducers with fun challenges.  Lessons include “Ant at a Picnic”, “Whistle a Happy Tune”, “Infinite Loop” and “Bowling”.

Tangible Programming  Program and repair an algorithm in multiple modes with a smart LEGO compatible robot.  Lessons include “Bulldozer Game”, “Golf Course”, “Edge vs. Line”, and “Making Music”.

Program with Binary Code  Learn about this basic computer language as you use it to program your robot to complete fun activities.  Lessons include “Cave Dwellers”, “Maze Escape”, “It’s Binary”, and “Secret Code”

ROBOTICS (grade 4-5)

This class presents a new robotics competition for the students every week.  Students are most successful in the competition when they integrate new knowledge learned in the teacher Tech Talk with strategy, Computational Thinking skills and trial and error.  Learn robotics, programming and coding concepts within fun-themed, STEM units that are designed to engage both boys AND girls with multiple kinds of robots.   EACH student gets their own robot to program in most lessons.  The remaining lessons have a 1:2 robot/student ratio.

Multiple Sensors  Use inputs and outputs to control robotic sensors.  Lessons include “Sole Survivor”, “Find the Treasure”, “Escape from the Jungle”, and Capture the Alien”.

Coding with Parameters Change the coding parameters of an LED, experiment with conditional loops, or discover the importance of coding sequence while playing a fun game.  Lessons include “Olympic Torch”, “Hockey Robot”, “100 Meter Dash” and “Fan Wave”.

Microbots Revolution  Students explore Artificial Intelligence, programming and logic with small but mighty technology.   Lessons include “Mystery Code”, “Robot Races”, “Home Run”, and “Pokemon Go Hunter”.

Microbot Solutions  Students utilize coding skills to solve real world problems on a micro-scale.  Lessons include “Bad Robot”, “Escape From Alcatraz”, “Swim Ashore”, and “Get-away Car”.

Patterns and Gears  Students will explore patterns in everything from gear ratios to programming switches while completing interesting challenges.  Lessons include “Haunted House”, “Sumo Wrestling”, “Dungeon Escape”, and “Hypnotizing Patterns”.

Hack a Piezo  Students will code solutions to open-ended problems using multiple sensor control and creative design.  Lessons include “Code Your Way Out”, “Hack the Ditty”, “Walk the Plank”, and “Mutiny”

Advanced Robotics  Coming soon!  In our innovation workshop we are currently testing robots that have just been invented.  Which robots will be good enough for a Rad Robots class?  We are looking at wearable robots, swarming robots, drones, AI robots with developing personalities and robots that can be coded using Java.